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Wolf Trials

The Shadowmate series / Book 1

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Finding my fated mate just took a deadly twist.

When Dad dies, I’m shocked to discover my family’s lies in the secret town of Fable. It sucks to return to the Sun pack that I fled. It sucks worse to be thrown into a dangerous game, which will end in my official wolf mating with the winner...unless I’m the victor.

Of course, I refuse. I’m 17, for wolf’s sake. But wolf politics are savage, and Mom gives me two commands as cold as the snowstorm hitting town.

#1 Join the Wolf Games

#2 Win

But then, I meet them. The two gorgeous shifters from rival packs, who are entering the games. Are they with or against me?

Hunter, the scorching-hot, mysterious Moon Wolf and my first crush.

And Ri, the brooding Irish Shadow Wolf and my enemy.

They’re as ruthless as Mom and fiercely determined to win for their packs. I've found myself in the middle of a war that could tear me apart, body and soul.

Except, what if my greatest secret is the wolf inside me?

WolfTrials-Ebook  (1).jpg

Book 1

Book 2

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