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Wild Moon

Kingdom of Wolves  | Book 1

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Real Wolves Bite...    


I was taught my whole life about the importance of true mates, how when you find that one wolf for you, everything falls into place.

Everyone who taught me that was a liar.

When I found my true mate, happily ever after sure as hell didn't start, but hell definitely began.

I ran away, and now I've been searching for peace for weeks as I drive around the country.

I didn't mean to take the wrong road.
I didn't mean to make it to that small town.
And I didn't mean to meet two men, who set me and my wolf on fire.

But here I am somehow, and peace is the last thing I've found. 

And don't forget about the serial killer...

This is a Rejected Mate series, filled with scorching hot wolf shifters who take what they want, enough steam to burn you up, and a hidden town filled with secrets. You'll love this paranormal romance if you love True Blood and Vampire Diaries.

Wild Moon_ebook_title_bk.jpg

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