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Wild Love

Kingdom of Wolves  | Book 4


The stranger in town whispers promises of heaven… but in his eyes, all I see is chaos.

For most of my life I’d been cursed. Trapped in a gilded cage by my fated mate…

Everything changed when I escaped and met two men who gave me their hearts.

Wilder and Daxon are my everything… even if they don’t see eye to eye on sharing me.

Things should have been amazing.

But maybe I wasn’t meant for a happy ending.

My world is falling apart. Between losing friends, more deaths in town, mysteries I can’t solve, and one of my lovers betraying me….


It feels like I’m losing everything.

Amidst all of this, there’s a stranger in town who’s set his sights on me, and I can’t figure him out. He’s everywhere I am, and the problem is, I can’t seem to resist him.

Loving two men has been hard enough. But maybe all wild loves require sacrifice to keep them. The question is…how far am I willing to go to keep mine?

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