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Wild Heart

Kingdom of Wolves  | Book 2

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Real Wolves Bite continues...


I ran from my fated mate.


I drove to the middle of nowhere, where I thought I’d be safe. And somehow, I ended up here.


Amarok has secrets. And it’s a town filled with shifters.

The very thing I’ve been trying to get away from.

My arrival has shattered the fragile peace this town's had for the last century.

War is coming between the two packs, and only I seem to have the ability to stop it.

The two alphas in the town are determined to have me.


But a killer wants the very same thing.

Me? I just want whatever’s inside of me to be released.


Like Wilder and Daxon, I carry my own secrets, ones that make it impossible for my fated mate to let me go.


They call me wild…But I just want to be free.

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