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To Tame a Fae

Winter's Thorn | Book 2

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The spell that bound her fate to their realm has unleashed its crippling curse. She's the only thing standing between them and total destruction...

I can't control my powers or the brooding princes who won't let me out of their sight. And I can't keep my secrets safe for long. Which scares me as much as the dark pasts haunting my warrior princes.

I shouldn't want them by my side, but I do. I need them, especially here among the fae court, a dangerous place with even more enemies hiding in plain sight...and among them, I fear my own parents stand waiting to end my life.

Not that any of that will matter if I can't get my powers under control.

They've already cost me so much and put us all in great danger.

With time running out to save one of my own from becoming a cursed creature, I'll have to rely on my erratic powers and my bond with the princes to let us live to fight another day.

But with every win, another shadow befalls us. Our odds of coming out of this alive grow less by the day. And less with each step we take toward learning the truth behind this insidious curse and what fate awaits me when it's finally over...

Burning hot sequel in the brand new ‘WINTER'S THORN’ Trilogy.

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