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The Naughty List


We're going to spend the holidays getting me on Santa's Naughty List!

I've always been on the 'Nice' list. Never been one to stray too far from the beaten path, and managed to make it to senior year without doing well... much of anything. Until I ended up stranded in Chicago during the worst snowstorm of the century, away from my family, and days before Christmas.

And then I meet them.

Two of the most insanely gorgeous guys I'd ever laid eyes on.

Charismatic. Sexy. Daring.

I've wanted to escape my life for Christmas for so long...and they offer me a chance I just can't pass up.

What else is a girl going to do while stranded in a strange city on her own?

They insist that they can get me into Santa's Naughty list in less than three days.

So I accept the challenge.

But that's if I can keep my heart... I mean head, in the game. 
Because losing my heart was never part of the rules...

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