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Taking Breath 1

The Elemental Series | Book 1

I'm on the run.

They are the predators, and I am the prey, like the race of elementals I belong to. And even if we rise up, we're taken. Just as I'm taken now.

Until three men arrive. Not in shining armour, but brandishing fire and death just the same. They took me from this captor and claimed me as their own.

And I shouldn't be addicted to them, but I am.

Monk rushed to fight for me, Krii so sweet and kind, while dominating and dangerous.

But there's only one rule they agree on. For me to remember my place under their control.

I hate those words, the constant reminder I'm theirs. But I crave one thing above all: Freedom.

I have a secret they'll kill for, and I will too...for I have everything to lose.

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