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Sweet Destiny

Thief of Hearts | Book 4

What happens to a siren who's come back from the dead?


I hope I get the chance to find out. I've been betrayed, destroyed by the three men that I'd given my trust. I’m alone again in this place… a place that’s darker than hell. And worse, something strange is happening to me. Something that has me wondering if I can even trust myself.


There are so many secrets in these walls, and I’m now determined to find them all out. I’m done playing nice. This siren’s going to sing once again.


Nightmare Penitentiary doesn’t know what’s coming. One will risk the safety of our future. One will reveal a heartbreaking betrayal. One will bring out my own demons. And one might just be the savior I’ve been looking for.


Don’t outstay your time at Nightmare Penitentiary.


Some places you just don’t survive.

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