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School of Broken Hearts

Academy of Souls| Book 2
Academy 2.jpg

Adeline Jones expected a fancy prep school to be different than what she was used to, but what she found at Raven Academy changed her world forever. And leaving is out of the question.

All Adeline wants is to forget about the guys that broke her heart. But the death of her classmate means that won’t be an option for her. To make things worse, an old flame from her past starts at the Academy and his intentions carry the deepest of betrayal.

Danger lies behind every corner, a killer walks among them, and Adeline soon discovers that she shouldn’t trust anyone at Raven Academy. Not even the four guys who insist she is theirs. And of course there’s the matter of the off limits Professor who tempts her like no one else.

Welcome to Raven Academy...where nothing is as it seems… And survival...well, it’s just a matter of perspective.

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