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Reject Island

Real Alphas Bite  | Book 1

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*Real Alphas Bite is set in the Reject Island Shared World but can be read by itself.

When Syn is rejected by her fated mate, she thinks her life is over.

But when a violent stranger arrives in town and sees her, everything changes.

She finds herself at his complete mercy when he steals her away in the middle of the night.

Her captor is a beautiful and cruel man who holds a million secrets behind the mask he shows the world.

And when he takes her to his island compound, and she meets his two brothers...all bets are off.

It's a fight for survival against three alphas who always get their way.

Can Syn find a way to tame both their tempers and their hearts?
Or is she one wrong move away from certain death?

Real Alphas.jpg

Book 2

Book 1


Book 2

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