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One man broke me. One led me to sin. And one killed me to save me.

I grew up under the iron fist of a vampire. And when I betrayed him, I ended up in Nightmare Penitentiary.

Multiple attacks, my death, and four psycho men later…I’m done being everyone's target.

I have to escape the monsters who surround me within these walls. So a deal has been struck, and failure to fulfill my part of the bargain is not an option.

With my fae prince, incubus, hellhound, and serial killer, I’m set to unleash hell on all of who’ve done me wrong.

I’ve had enough of the cages that surround me.

Sometimes all you need is a second chance to make things right. But in my case, I was given four…

Sweet Destiny Signed Paperback

  • There are no returns or refunds on signed books. 

  • Please note: We attempt to process all website orders in a timely manner. However, please allow an additional 24-48 hours for order processing. 

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