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Your big eyes, that sexy mouth… they are the kind that drive wolves mad.”

I live alone in the forest, a life I prefer while I practice being a healer for the rare person who dares venture into my small cottage that borders the land of wolves.

But my quiet life is shattered when I’m stolen deep into the woods by a pack of shifters to perform my healing magic on three injured Alpha’s plagued by a mysterious affliction.

Using my wits and magic, I attempt to save them but being in such close proximity with these sexy, dominating Alphas has left my heart unprotected. Especially when I hear my name cross their lips, feel their touch against my skin, and see the way they look at me as if I am their moon and stars.

However, I fear with all the threats against us, we may not get the happily-ever-after we so desperately crave.

In a unique and exciting reverse harem fairytale twist, this novel mixes magic, wolves, steaming hot scenes, and danger into a world full of characters who will set your hearts on fire! Don’t miss this chance to start a series where dreams and true love really do come true.

Hunted Signed Paperback

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