Night Kissed

Chosen Vampire Slayer | Book 1


To say I’m killing it at my job is an understatement… Literally.
Monsters. I hunt them. I kill them.

And I enjoy it, ridding the world of the vicious supernatural killers who stalk innocents and destroy lives.

Like mine. Like my family’s.

That was years ago. But I’m strong now. I’m not the victim anymore. I’ve fought hard to become the thing they should fear—a vampire slayer. When I’m called in to investigate a chain of suspicious deaths across Alaska, I meet three of the hottest, and most dangerous, monsters I’ve ever seen.

Just one problem.

They’re the things that go bump in the night—a vampire, a fallen angel, and a demon. Enemies I must trust with my life if I’m to solve the dark trail of mysteries before more lives are lost.

But just as hard as solving the murders is denying my attraction to them all. And as things heat up in more ways than one, I know I’ll never be the same again…

That is, if I survive the evil I’m sworn to kill... and the ones I’ve let into my heart.

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©2018 Mila Young.