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Drunk on Love Ebook Cover (1).jpg

drunk on love

Drunk on Love Ebook Cover (1).jpg

First my husband reveals himself as a werewolf by taking a bite out of me. If that’s not enough, I find out he's been cheating on me. Goodbye, love. Hello, divorce papers!

I go into hiding while I wait to see whether I’ll turn furry on the next full moon, not to mention dealing with new powers that decided to show up, plus it’s my 40th birthday. But this town I’m in is where a gorgeous man finds me, the most egotistical man in existence. He says he’s a God—Dionysus in retirement—that there’s something about me, and that he will not give up until he has me.

Yeah, I am so not in the mood. Who cares if he’s the God of pleasure and indulgence? This heart is staying closed for the foreseeable future…

But then again, I never saw this one coming, and especially not the grapevine grip he’d take on my heart.

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