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Secrets and Shadows

Beautiful Beasts Academy | Book 4
Beasts 4.jpg

There’s nothing like a witch storm to unearth a century of dark secrets...and there’s nothing like a best friend with a flaming sword at your back to end them once and for all…

The curse which infected those I love is over...and the woman in black is now gone.

But Bestias Academy has changed since the Witch storm.

Secrets have resurfaced and shadows consume the dorms.

An old Principal haunts the hallways, leaving grave dirt in her wake.

But that’s not all that’s surfaced.

The fish in the pond are savaged and eaten….

And one is mysteriously gone.

A monstrous golden fish with bright yellow eyes, leaving behind human shaped footprints in its wake.

Ava takes refuge with Chuck, leaving me to huddle with the Wolves.

And as love and lust lunger on Judas’ lips I find myself drawn into a battle like nothing before.

Lions will come.

Lies will be exposed.

But will love conquer all?

I guess I’m about to find out.

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