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Hexes and Hounds

Beautiful Beasts Academy | Book 3
Beasts 3.jpg

Love is complicated.

But then so is a stake through the heart.

There’s a curse that runs through the Blackthorne Wolves.

Gnarled and Ancient. Unbreakable, they say.

It started with the Witches and now it’s spread like a disease, infecting Wolves…
And now Vampires.

Livingstone Vampires.

Mom’s frantic calls led me to the Blood Moon Academy, a dangerous place for any Immortal.

I found Dad there, locked up and filled with rage.

And as everything changes around me, I’m sent a command from the’s time to step up.

Time to be the Vampire my kind needs me to be.

Understudy. Vampire. Daughter.

I don’t know who I am anymore.

But I’ll search for answers.

I’ll do it all with the Wolves, my best friend and my bodyguard at my side.

And as the curse reaches out and marks my skin, I start to question everything.

How far will I go for love?

And, how far will love go for me?

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