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hades is Mine

Gods and Monsters | Book 4


I am a Legend. Born to fight Death itself. Sworn to act as Zeus’ thunderbolt against the darkness.

And now I’m mortal.

Despite having Apollo, Poseidon, and Ares by my side I lost. I don’t have any second chances. Ares trained me to be a stronger warrior, Poseidon taught me to be the wisest leader, and Apollo showed me passion to be a glorious champion. Each of them has entrusted me with their hearts, and I have given them mine as well.

And it's still not enough.

I need to convince Hades, Ruler of the Underworld, to help me. With his aid we stand the smallest chance, the slimmest of hopes. He’s one hot mess of a God and the closer we get the further he pulls away, and the more it tears me apart. But I need to win him to my side, to our side, and make this brooding loner deity a team player too.

Can I even trust Hades with my heart, when I have already lost my soul to something darker?

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