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Tricks or Temptations

Beautiful Beasts Academy | Book 7
Beasts 7.jpg

Seductive mists and a ruined Academy. 
No one will escape this Halloween night unsatisfied.

One ruin stands in Mor’s way of restoring Trick’s City.

The one place where it all started...
Bestias Academy. 

As workmen descended with sledgehammers in hand a dark, ominous mist appeared to halt them in their tracks. 

It’s now up to Mor to figure out what the mist is and why it’s appeared days before the most important holiday of the year...Halloween. 

And she needs the gang to fight the darkness together.

Only this mist wants to claim more than the Academy grounds…

It wants Mor.

And then it wants the City.

Seduction rises and spills through the darkened streets. 

Mor and her three gorgeous Wolves are swept up in darkness...and so much more.

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