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Broken Wolf

Savage Series  | Book 2

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Is there such a thing as second chances?

Our mission is simple: track down my mother and find a way to save my sister from the witches. Should be easy, except in our world, nothing ever goes to plan, especially when you’re traveling with four sexy, Viking Alphas who are ready to start a war to take ownership of the Savage sector… and me!


The more I spend time with them, the more I feel my mind, body, and soul bending to their wills and desires. This complicates things, especially when my past returns with vengeance.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the dangerously wicked Alphas I’ve grown close to have been cursed to remain by my side whether they want to or not, making it much harder to trust them.


Because sometimes betrayal by those closest to you can end up destroying you.


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Book 2

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