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Bite Me, Monster


Bite Me, Monster

Chasing Nightmares | Book 1


Nightmares shouldn’t feel this good.

One minute, I’m trying to survive on my own after a string of bad luck. The next, I accidentally open up a portal to monsters… the terrifying, clawed, savage beasts of my deepest, darkest fears.

They steal me away and drag me into their world, a place that should never exist. To make matters worse, these creatures tell me I'm theirs. That they’ll use me for their own twisted needs, whatever they may be.

I shouldn’t want to surrender to the monsters in my bed, but their whispers are hypnotizing and their promises are too much to resist…

They say I’m the key.

That they’ve been watching me.

But I’m starting to wonder if there’s more to what they claim.

Am I truly living in a nightmare or some f*cked up fantasy?

I guess the better question is, do I ever want to wake up?

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