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Accidentally Married a Demon (1).jpg

accidentally married a demon

Fiend's Peak | Book 1

Accidentally Married a Demon (1).jpg

Better the devil you know--or the one you accidentally married... 

Adventure is not my middle name. It’s not even a nickname I once got after a few drinks and a lot of bad judgment. No, Adventure is not something you’d associate with a safe, risk-averse witch like me. And I’m fine with that. 

But then...things start changing. One phone call spun my safe life right out of orbit. My late aunt just left me a vineyard in the middle of Transylvania. 


And it only gets weirder and worse from there. There’s a demon I accidentally married, and he’s literally the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Oh, and let’s not forget about the vampires threatening my life...yeah, things have gotten exponentially worse. 

But the worst part is that my demon husband is hiding more than the secrets of my inheritance, which given my newfound luck just might do me in before the vamps get their chance. 

Mom always did say marriage was hell. If only she knew how right she was…

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