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What is a siren without her power?

I'm about to find out, and I have no problems embracing the darkness to do so.

I was thrown into a literal hell, and every day feels like it could be my last.

But amid such darkness, I thought I found light with three men who've shown me happiness is possible even in a place like this.

But maybe I was too quick to trust and give my heart away.

They say trust takes years to build, seconds to break... and I don't think forever will be long enough to repair what they did to me.

One will sacrifice himself for me. One will shatter my soul.And one will kill me to save me.

Enjoy your stay at Nightmare Penitentiary. Death is only a matter of time.

Book 2 of the Thief of Hearts Series, a complete series.

Stolen Destiny Signed Paperback

SKU: B0851HL335
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