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Princess of Frost

A Snow Queen Retelling

Mila Young_snowqueen_newpng.png

The family I never knew left me a cursed legacy that could get me killed...or worse.

I wield snow magic, a power everyone around me fears. I must hide it and the truths of my past or end up dead.

Because the cruel prince whose castle I serve has no mercy on anyone for the slightest offence. Much less wielding forbidden magic.

But when I’m caught stealing mere scraps of bread by the unyielding prince himself, my fate is forever changed.
Now I’m his servant, imprisoned here in his walls, punished for my hunger and made to do his bidding. Only he doesn’t yet know what I truly am.

Or that our destinies are impossible to untangle.

The truth of my past and the fate of the cursed kingdom are as intertwined as what is happening between me and the dark prince. To survive, I must learn all that came before. I must harness my power to become a deadly and powerful and ice-cold wielder of snow magic.

Because that and the help of the bespelled prince are all that stand between breaking the curse that haunts our world and succumbing to a fate of darkness and despair.

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