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Passions and Protectors

Beautiful Beasts Academy | Book 5
Beasts 5.jpg

Love is savage. Love is fierce. Love will stand beside you when the rest of the world turns their back.
Love will claim its weapon of heart.

There’s a murderer on the loose...and mortals are calling for a name to bring to justice.

A name that answers on behalf of the Ancient.

My name...Morwenna Livingstone.

My parents can’t reach me.

My best friend doesn’t even know where I’ve gone.

And as mortal deaths continue to plague Tricks City I’m called to stand before the tribunal of mortals and monsters and answer for the crime of conspiracy to murder.

Because I know who the real killer has been all this time.

I just couldn’t bring myself to face him.

The betrayal.

The heartache…

And the end.

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