To Catch a Fae

Winter's Thorn | Prequel

The dream comes again, always the same dark twisted woods; a place I knew too well, a place I’ve traveled hundreds of times before.
But it’s just a dream my foster mom insists, then why is he in my head all the time. He who has no name, who refuses to give me his name.
Little wolf, he calls me, telling me secrets, listens to me, and makes me blush with the dirty things he says. Until the day everything changes.
I’m not ready for a world that shouldn’t exist. To meet three stunning hot men with powers I can’t fathom, each more dangerous than the next. One dominant and terrifying. One cruel with his words. And one who unmistakably stole my heart and insists I’m his.
I’m in danger they say, but is their protection enough to keep me safe, to help me find a happily ever after before it’s too late? To awaken me to the truth of who I really am.

The captivating prequel to the scorching hot first book in the brand new Winter’s Thorn Trilogy, TO SEDUCE A FAE.

©2018 Mila Young.