Lost Wolf

Savage Series  | Book 1


Being rejected by my fated mate is the least of my problems...

I’m a half-breed, a Cursed. The wolf half gets me an alpha for a fated mate...the witch half gets me killed.
Or so they think.
Now four Viking Alphas are all that stand between me and certain death. They need my powers to take over the Savage Sector, and they’ll hold my sisters’ as leverage until they get what they want from me.
My wild magic, my heart.
My wolf calls to them, but I can't trust them to keep me alive once this is over.
I'm just an Omega to them, but that mistake may cost us all our lives

What the Viking Alphas want, the Viking Alphas get…
...and right now that’s me and my wild magic.

Savage Sector is set in the same world as Shadowlands Sector, with some cross over of characters. It can be read without having read Shadowlands first.


Book 1

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Book 2