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Diamonds and Demons

Beautiful Beasts Academy | Book 2
beasts 2.jpg

Academy life isn’t what I expected. Fangs, fur...demonic bunnies everywhere we turn.

Oh, and the Wolves.

Three gorgeous Wolves who make my dead heart come to life.

Judas, Bond...and Nero.

Add in a sexy new Vamp teacher and my new role as Understudy to the most Ancient and powerful of our kind, and you’ve got one hot and conflicted class schedule.

But as classes begin, yet another creature stumbles into my room in the dead of night.

And he leaves behind a bag filled with diamonds.

Only they’re not like any diamonds I’ve ever seen before.

Darkness moves through the halls at Bestias Academy. A new threat makes itself known.

And it’s got its sight set on me.

My world becomes three things.
Diamonds, Demons and death...

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